Sunday, February 27, 2011

the last few before i get the install shots

                 somewhere between self doubt and self loathing exists a staggering prick

                                         thank you for wasting five minutes of my life

                                           welcome to the second half of the last day of your life

more images from the show

                                                         i feel lost and i miss my parents

             i will be your new vision of death, sorry i am late, my handicap will not affect my performance

                                                in the absence of human bastards

                                   isn't this amazing baby we're in hollywood

in the absence of human bastards

                                    and all at once i thought i hope i don't get cancer from this

                and then i realized that i had pissed myself a little, but i didn't pass out

                     Without further ado we present to you spaulding king of fucks

                                       I am like an eagle rising from a phoenix

i don't have the personal strength to take that extra step and put the lights out once and for all