Wednesday, April 20, 2011

the beauty i pass on the way to the studio

every day i drive past these beauties on the way to the studio.

there was a stencil out there that said " your favorite artist sucks" that i guess was taken down. i wanted to add that to this post mostly because my favorite artist isn't shepard fairey or banksy who have made sunset in echo park a shit dump of bad street art by imitators, but rather this genius.
who as you can clearly see doesn't suck

                                                     coyote dominating armadillo

                                                             hawk dominating dog




Saturday, April 16, 2011

but playing with real people is icky

i have long suspected that there are bots and hole card programs out there but yesterday before reading this i got decimated at the tables. in one of the last hands i played some guy made some kind of comment about the fbi that didn't make any sense but in a flash all my money was gone. i lost it but in a really gross why would you play that hand kind of a way.  i looked up full tilt government and found this. so my theory is this they had bots playing cleaning house and taking everyone's money so when the government shuts them down they don't have to pay anyone.
that or i still suck at poker.

Friday, April 15, 2011

drunk log

ride it home

What is this i see before me?

just to be fair dio was the best sabbath singer mob rules, rules.
 but i thought the devil was at paul's house the other day.

as it turns out just a devil flower

Monday, April 11, 2011


                                                     scraps from pauls sculptures

                                           possible bronze log

Sunday, April 3, 2011

man if you like naked ladies, cops and simon hughes as much as i do you really missed the opening of the century did i say i dug it?

paul's opening was pretty awesome lots of people and to channel my inner sammy hagar i dug it. it was full of naked ladies made of wood, simon hughes, and beer. and man i could look at naked ladies made of wood, simon hughes, and drink beer all fucking day if i wanted to.
the real party started when a guy full on spiderman bumped into our friend sue outside as he was running down the street. why you ask? because he was running from the cops he had a gun i dug it. 
shut down the whole comey street police helicopter and everything i dug it.
hope he is ok. after bumping into sue he actually stopped to say he was sorry. he had a gun could have been bad. his friend stopped and said sorry big mistake the cops caught him just outside the gallery.
not sure how paul will top that opening.

    simon looks like he was talking to someone 
but really he was checkin' out the nudity
  and he dug it