Friday, September 9, 2011

love, my reluctant but faithful enemy show in paris

here are some shots of the show at galerie hussenot in paris. the installation turned out to be easy thanks to the guys at the gallery. the show opens tomorrow sept 10 and goes until october 12
                                                                         install 1

                                                                         install 2

                                                                                after 26 years of working together we hardly spoke a word to each other but have    recently bonded over our mutual love of cigarettes and hallucinogens

                                   as a fraud of course, i am thriving in this sea of fraud

                                              crushing the world with thoughts and legs

                                                          dance on you drunk prick

               every morning i wake up and say fuck it, but i am  actually to scared to give up

                                                               forgot this title

                                                hey, raccoon eyes! you old sack of shit

                                                   i am the vessel of your immortality

                                     if only i could be the last thing you see when you die

                                if you are lucky your children will grow up to hate you

                                                 the other piece in "if you are lucky..."

                                                        just hold me one more day

                                                 just submit to the fact you have failed

                                                 love, my reluctant but faithful enemy

                                                              no more i love you's

                                        nowadays my nights are poker, booze, and crying

                                                          install 3

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