Tuesday, April 3, 2012

so i got paid for a sculpture

so i got paid for a sculpture that i had been waiting for for maybe 3 months and i was in a pretty good mood and the kids and i were having a dance party.
i was wearing a pair of pants i bought at the good will to use in a halloween costume but since then have enjoyed wearing because i imaging they would be pants sammy hagar would have worn on the 5150 tour. they have a really long inseam and this fact was not taken into consideration when i did the lamest dad trying to be cool move ever.

we were doing high kicks (don't ask why) and i was trying to show them that i could do the highest kick ever
and then tragedy struck. what i didn't realize is that when i kicked my leg up it was SO high that the inseam being so long pulled my other leg with it. i was perfectly parallel to the earth and crashed down smashing my head on the china cabinet and didn't want to move because it seemed that it was going to come down on my head.

who knew.
i am done with high kicks.


  1. I think people would pay big money for you to do this at their house. Let me know next time you are in Winnipeg and how much you'd charge to hurt yourself at my house. Thanks!

  2. I kneed myself in the nose doing high kicks when i was a kid and my parents laughed and laughed and laughed. Came to your work from the Sydney Biennale site - farking awesome. Love it.