Tuesday, March 22, 2011

rodney dangersword

i am a little embarrassed about sharing this dream but who cares.
midway through making the show at china art objects i was not sleeping well and really stressing out about my career.on the verge of what i think may have been the makings of a nervous breakdown, i had a dream that i called sean landers up for advice. after a lengthy conversation i felt better and he said "really jon call anytime" which i appreciated because he is someone i admire. so a couple of minutes later i called him back to ask about another thing. after getting off the phone and sitting there for another couple of minutes i called him again asking about the kind of work he thought might be a good direction. finally and clearly in frustration he said "i don't know jon maybe you should just make a big sword with googly eyes and a tie and call it rodney dangersword i don't get no respect" and our call ended.
yeah i thought rodney dangersword but i had a materials question so i called sean back again and he just said "i'm sorry jon but fuck off already."

                                        the result of the dream that will likely stay in the studio
                                                         i should have used a red tie

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