Thursday, March 31, 2011

simply amazing

my appreciation of sammy hagar van halen came after many, many listens because lynette never really got david lee roth van halen.
she enjoyed the soaring vocals and inspiring message. i took a lot longer. so for my drive to ucsd twice a week she urged me to get audio books. i generally read rock bios because that is usually the only thing that keeps my attention and not unlike tony i don't like fiction because i don't like being lied to.
holy shit!
"i grew up in fontana and there were orange groves, and grapefruit groves, and tangerine groves and i could just go around and eat oranges, and tangerines, and grapefruit all fucking day if i wanted..."
from red the uncensored and unabridged autobiography of sammy hagar.
i can't stop listening to it because they got a guy who sounds like sammy hagar and it is hilarious.

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